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# Title Vocalist Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
1500Ran Thaarakaawan PipenaJagath Wickramasinghe 00:04:13 Evan SuwarisJagath Wickramasinghe
1501Ran Tikiri SinaChandimal Fernando 00:03:53
1502Ran Tikiri SinaLakshmi Perera 00:02:58
1503Ran Tikiri SinaSenarath Weerarathna 00:02:58
1504Ran Tikiri SinaMahesh Molligoda 00:03:53
1505Ran Tikiri Sina (Karaoke Music Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:03:37
1506Ranambara (Another V)Milton Mallawarachchi 00:03:28
1507Ranambara indudunuMilton Mallawarachchi 00:02:40
1508RandunukeClarence Wijewardena 00:02:42
1509RangahalaSangeeth Wijesuriya 00:04:17
1510RangahalaKalani Perera 00:03:58 Austin Munasinghe
1511Rangahala DaenAnula Bulathsinhala 00:04:12
1512Rangahala DenWijeratne Warakagoda 00:04:13
1513Rani Ennko NagiMohideen Beg 00:02:33
1514Rani Ennko NagiLatha Walpola 00:02:33
1515Rani Ennoko (New Mix)Mohideen Beg 00:03:12
1516Rani Ennoko (New Mix)Rukmani Devi 00:03:12
1517Ranpota ThelambuwaNimal Jayamanna 00:03:42
1518Rantikiri SinaChandimal Fernando 00:03:56
1519Rantikiri SinaSprint 00:05:01
1520Rantikiri SinaRohan Jayawardena (Instrumentals) 00:04:32
1521Rantikiri Sina - New MusicT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:26 Nimal Mendis
1522Rantikiri Sina - New MusicNeela Wickramasinghe 00:03:26
1523Rantikiri SinaaNirosha Perera 00:03:24
1524Rantikiri SinaaVictor Silva 00:03:24
1525Rantikiri SinaaNimal Mendis 00:03:10 Nimal Mendis
1526Rantikiri SinaaNimal Mendis 00:03:26 Nimal Mendis
1527Ranwan PunsandhaSing with Jothi 00:02:42
1528Ranwan Punsandha (Jothi Upahara)Raju Bandara 00:03:24
1529Ranwan RankendiC. T. Fernando 00:03:45
1530Rasa Ahara [Maala Girawi]M.S. Fernando 00:03:12
1531Rasa Ahara KawalaSusil Fernando 00:03:56
1532Rasa Ahara KawalaaNIMTECH 00:05:01
1533Rasakara Gii (Senasenna Nelawenna)Athula Adikari 00:04:20 Ariyadasa AdhikariAthula Adhikari
1534Rata WenuwenSanduni Rashmikaa (Athulage) 00:02:36 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1535Ratharan Neth (Karaoke Music Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:03:02
1536Rathnadhiipa Janma bhuu miiW. D. Amaradeva 00:05:04 Mahagama SekeraW D Amaradeva
1537Rathnadhiipa Janmabhumi - Another VersionW. D. Amaradeva 00:04:15 Mahagama SekeraW D Amaradeva
1538Rathnadhiipa Janmabhuumi - Amaragii Sara EndingW. D. Amaradeva 00:04:08 Mahagama SekeraW D Amaradeva
1539Rathriya UdawunaaT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:08 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1540Rathriya UdawunaaT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:07 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1541Rathriya UdawunaaKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:07 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1542Rathriya WiiDeepika Priyadarshani 00:03:38
1543RathriyawiiSuresh Maliyadde 00:03:44
1544Raththaran DhuweeKalani Perera 00:03:50 0Prof.Carlo Fonseka
1545Raththaran DuweNanda Malini 00:03:52 Carlo FonsekaRohana Weerasinghe
1546Raththaran DuweRohana Weerasinghe 00:03:52 Prof Carlo FonsekaRohana Weerasinghe
1547Raththaran NethT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:02 Kularatne AriyawansaH M Jayawardena
1548Raththaran NethRohan Jayawardena (Instrumentals) 00:03:10
1549Raththaran NethKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:02 Kularatne AriyawansaH M Jayawardena
1550Raththaran Neth DhekinT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:51
1551Raththaran Pem (Jothi Upahara)T. M. Jayaratne 00:03:35
1552Raththaran Pem PuraaneH. R. Jothipala 00:03:56
1553Raththaran Pem Puraane (Remix)H. R. Jothipala 00:03:51
1554Raththaran Pem PuraneFlashBack 00:03:47
1555Raththaran Pem PuraneKingsley Peiris 00:03:45
1556Rathu Nembul MalakiKeerthi Pasquel 00:04:24 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1557Rathu Nembul MalakiNilupuli Dilhara 00:04:24 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1558Rea Pael Rakina - Another VersionAbeywardhana Balasuriya 00:04:15
1559Rea Pael Rakina - Another VersionThiyaga N. Edward 00:04:15
1560Renu RenuRookantha Gunathilake 00:03:52 Rookantha GoonathilakeRookantha Goonathilake
1561RobinhoodH. R. Jothipala 00:03:22
1562Ron Soya - New MusicLatha Walpola 00:04:52
1563Ron SoyaaLatha Walpola 00:04:47 Karunaratne AbeysekeraSarath Dasanayake
1564Roon Peththa [New Music]Dayaratne Ranathunga 00:02:40
1565Rosa Gahe AethiAnura Kalubowila 00:04:06 Dharmasiri GamageH M Jayawardena
1566Rosa Karaththe (Karaoke Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:03:10
1567Rosa Karaththe (Karaoke Track)NIMTECH 00:03:10
1568Rosa KaraththeeMalkanthi Nandasiri 00:03:05
1569Rosa KusumJayantha Kapuwatte 00:04:10
1570Rosaa (Gedhara Hitiya Rosa Kaekula)H. R. Jothipala 00:03:40
1571Rosaa (In London)H. R. Jothipala 00:03:24
1572Ruk Aththana Mala Mudhune (2001)Nanda Malini 00:03:06 Mahinda AlgamaNanda Malini
1573Ruwa Ethi LandaNalin Jayawardena 00:02:42 Vicumpriya PereraRukshan Karunanayake
1574Ruwa SoyalaJayantha Kapuwatte 00:03:27
1575Ruwata NoeluniIndhiwari Abeywardena 00:03:31 Vicumpriya PereraBhadraji Mahinda Jayathilaka
1576Ruwata RuweT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:35 Upali DhanavalavithanaClarence Wijewardena
1577Ruwata Ruwe - New MusicT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:59 Upali DhanavalavithanaClarence Wijewardena
1578Saagara TharangaaJagath Wickramasinghe 00:04:10 Rodney WidanapathiranaSunil Dharmasena
1579Saagaraya BandhuSenanayake Weraliyadda 00:04:17
1580Saama Mihira WihidhaKithu Guna Gee 00:05:04
1581Saari Podiththak (2001)Nanda Malini 00:02:44 Sunil AriyaratneNanda Malini
1582Sadakalika NowuSunil Edirisinghe 00:03:52
1583Saelalihini KowulJagath Wickramasinghe (Instrumentals) 00:03:19
1584Saendae Ahasa Wage (New Mix)Malini Bulathsinhala 00:03:22 Lucien BulathsinhalaH M Jayawardena
1585Saendhae Ahasa WageeMalini Bulathsinhala 00:03:22 Lucien BulathsinhalaH M Jayawardena
1586Saendhae Ahase (Rap)Dayaratne Ranathunga 00:04:54
1587Saendhae Ahase [New Music]Dayaratne Ranathunga 00:03:38
1588Saendhae AnduraSomathilaka Jayamaha 00:03:47 Somathilaka JayamahaSomathilaka Jayamaha
1589Saendhae WalaawanClarence Wijewardena 00:02:19
1590Saendhaewee RanwalaaMilton Mallawarachchi 00:04:08
1591Saerayatiyen ApiChandralekha Perera 00:03:47 Somapala LeelanandaSarath Dasanayake
1592Saerayatiyen Api [New Music]Vijaya Kumarathunga 00:03:47 Somapala LeelanandaSarath Dasanayake
1593Sagara TharangaStanley Peiris 00:04:11 Susil Dharmasena
1594Sagaraya bandhu (with Intro)Senanayake Weraliyadda 00:04:36
1595Sahasak PaethumanMalkanthi Nandasiri 00:03:40 Daya de AlwisSanath Nandasiri
1596Saima Kat WelaGypsies 00:04:01
1597Saima KatwelaJagath Wickramasinghe (Instrumentals) 00:03:52
1598Sakura MalNanda Malini 00:02:26
1599Sakuraa Mal Pipila (2001)Nanda Malini 00:02:33 Sunil AriyaratneNanda Malini
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 01:03:38
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Nalin Jayawardena: Duru Ratawala Api

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