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Jagath Wickramasinghe

Page 1 of 2 [126 Tracks - Total Duration 08:31:55]

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# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Aaadara Pudasuna
00:02:47 Bandula JayasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0002Aadhara Pudhasuna
00:02:44 Bandula JayasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0003Andhure Minigedi
00:05:04 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
0004Andure Minigedi
00:05:08 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
0005Apith Ekka Tharahaa Naehae
00:04:36 Saman Chandranath WeerasingheStanley Peiris
0006Apith Ekka Tharahaa Ne
00:04:35 Saman Chandranath WeerasingheStanley Peiris
00:05:30 Nadeeka WijesingheSusil Amarasinghe
0008Asoka Wanayama Pin Paatayi
0009Asura Bale
00:03:08 Chandradasa FernandoJagath Wickramasinghe
0010Asura Bale
00:03:13 Chandradasa FernandoJagath Wickramasinghe
0011Chanda Kinnaraawii
00:03:26 Sampath BandaraJagath Wickramasinghe
0012Chandra Kinnaraawi
00:03:19 Sampath BandaraJagath Wickramasinghe
0013Diyamba Leladena
00:03:58 Mahakanumulle Vajira HimiD D Gunasena
0014Duka Hithena Kavi Kalpanaa
00:04:29 Jagath Gamini MawathagamaThissasiri Perera
0015Eee Wage Dhinak
00:03:59 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0016Ekama Irak Yata
00:03:59 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0017Ewage Dinak
00:04:01 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0018Gayaa Hisa Sipa
00:03:43 Kiwulakele Kumara KavirajPriyantha Dasanayake
0019Gele Maala
00:04:07 Delthota ChandrapalaSarath Dasanayake
0020Gelee Maala Athee Walalu
00:04:01 Delthota ChandrapalaSarath Dasanayake
0021Hima Paaraadiise
00:04:17 Wasantha RohanaJagath Wickramasinghe
0022Hima Paaradise
00:04:23 Wasantha RohanaJagath Wickramasinghe
0023Irata Udin Yana
00:03:28 Jagath Gamini MawathagamaD D Gunasena
0024Isuru Kodewwe
00:03:51 Wasantha RohanaJagath Wickramasinghe
0025Isuru Kodhewwe
00:03:45 Wasantha RohanaJagath Wickramasinghe
0026Jale Gembura
00:03:02 Chandralatha WickramasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0027Jalee Gambura
00:02:56 Chandralatha WickramasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0028Jiwithe Lengathukam
00:03:59 Hemasiri HalpitaStanley Peiris
0029Jiwithe Lengathukam
00:04:04 Hemasiri HalpitaStanley Peiris
0030Kaalidasa Mama Wemi
00:03:43 Mahesh KarunaratneJagath Wickramasinghe
00:03:46 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0032Kurullanuth Okkoma
00:03:42 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0033Kusuman Pipeenam
00:04:01 Rodney WidanapathiranaMilton Peiris
0034Kusuman Pipenam
00:04:01 Rodney VidanapathiranaMilton Peiris
00:03:56 Hemasiri HalpitaJagath Wickramasinghe
0036Laila Laila Layi
00:03:58 Hemasiri HalpitaJagath Wickramasinghe
0037Maa Samagin Giya Paare
00:04:24 Hemasiri HalpitaStanley Peiris
0038Maa Samangin
00:04:29 Hemasiri HalpitaStanley Peiris
0039Maalathi Mal
00:03:57 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0040Maalathi Mallatha
00:03:53 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0041Mage Deneth Dihaa
00:04:36 Padmakumara MeththasenaH M Jayawardena
0042Mage Nango
0043Mage Sewanella
00:04:00 Sisira KothalawalaJagath Wickramasinghe
0044Mage Sindu Asaalaa
00:03:30 Saman Chandranath WeerasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0045Mage Sitha Wenathaka
00:04:21 Prem HewaamanageJagath Wickramasinghe
0046Mahaa Samudura
00:05:46 Ananda WeerasekeraJagath Wickramasinghe
00:03:43 Kumara LiyanageJagath Wickramasinghe
0048Mahath Thedethi (Music)
00:04:22 Mahagama Seelananda TheroJagath Wickramasinghe
0049Mal Mandahaasen
00:03:58 Stanley LiyanageSunil Dharmasena
0050Mal Mandahaasen
00:04:03 Stanley LiyanageSunil Dharmasena
0051Mal Muthulal
0052Manik Gange
0053Me Maawathe
00:03:23 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0054Me Mawathe Eda
00:03:17 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0055Muthu Muthu Waage
00:04:16 Saman Chandranath WeerasingheStanley Peiris
0056Namunukula Hisin
00:03:39 E H M RenukaJagath Wickramasinghe
0057Nidahasata Liyuu Kavi
00:04:00 Jagath Gamini MawathagamaD D Gunasena
0058Nimmaa Naethi Dhura Katharaka
00:03:24 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0059Nimmaa Nethi Duk Katharata
00:03:29 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0060Nuraa Mathin Suraa Vithin
0061Oba Maa Hamuweenam
00:02:54 Wasantha Kumara KobawakaRohana Weerasinghe
0062Oba Maa Hamuwenam
00:02:55 Wasantha Kumara KobawakaRohana Weerasinghe
0063Oba Maa Hamuwenam
00:02:58 Wasantha Kumara KobawakaRohana Weerasinghe
0064Obath Maath
00:04:08 Deshanjalie WickramasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0065Obath Mamath Hindinaa
00:04:11 Deshanjalie WickramasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0066Obe Hadawatha Dawaaluu
00:04:00 Sampath BandaraJagath Wickramasinghe
0067Obe Sina Langa
00:03:54 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0068Obe Sinaa Langa
00:04:00 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0069Pabasara Sitha
00:04:22 Chandralatha WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0070Pahan Sila
00:03:27 Deshanjalie WickramasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0071Pahan Sila Delwilaa
00:03:33 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0072Palaa Yannata Noheka
00:03:01 Kithsiri Nimal ShanthaSarath Dasanayake
0073Palaayanna Nohaeka
00:02:56 Kithsiri Nimal ShanthaSarath Dasanayake
0074Pamaawii Aaa Wasanthe
00:03:01 Sandhya SubhasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0075Pemwanthayin Se
00:04:49 Shelton WeeraratneSunil Dharmasena
0076Pesunu Goyam
00:03:37 Harsha Hemal FernandoJagath Wickramasinghe
0077Pinbara Sirithen
00:04:09 Praneeth AbhayasundaraJagath Wickramasinghe
00:04:45 Shelton WeeraratneSunil Dharmasena
0079Punsandha Eliyayi
0080Punsandha Wennada
00:03:36 K M I SwarnasingheUpali Jayalath
0081Pura Pooyadaa
0082Rae Nisansala Rae
00:04:52 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
0083Rae Nisansala Rae
00:05:01 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
0084Raeya Gewi Hiru Niwi
00:04:27 Rodney WidanapathiranaMahinda Bandara
0085Ran Thaarakaawan
00:04:17 Evan SuwarinJagath Wickramasinghe
0086Ran Thaarakaawan Pipena
00:04:13 Evan SuwarisJagath Wickramasinghe
0087Reya Gewii
00:04:32 Rodney VidanapathiranaMahinda Bandara
0088Saagara Tharangaa
00:04:10 Rodney WidanapathiranaSunil Dharmasena
0089Saagara Tharangaa
00:04:18 Rodney VidanapathiranaSunil Dharmasena
00:04:20 Somadasa SuuriyarachchiJagath Wickramasinghe
0091Saman Dewole Karuna Mahime
00:05:20 Chandralatha WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0092Saman Girikula Mahimee
00:05:21 Chandralatha WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
0093Sandha Madalak Se
00:04:48 Hathporuwe Chandrarathana HimiJagath Wickramasinghe
0094Sandhawathiyak Se
00:04:02 Saama Kumari JayathungaJagath Wickramasinghe
0095Sandhe Agaya
00:03:52 Lakshman MallawarachchiStanley Peiris
0096Sandhe Agaya
00:03:59 Lakshman MallawarachchiStanley Peiris
0097Sandhun Sihil
00:04:03 Deshanjalie WickramasingheNalaka Anjana Kumara
0098Sandun Sihil Suwe
00:04:08 Deshanjalie WickramasingheNaalaka Anjana Kumara
0099Saraa Sandhaka Seyaa
00:05:00 Nayomi WickramanayakeJagath Wickramasinghe
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 01:03:38
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