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# Title Vocalist Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
1400Piyaapath SalaaMilton Mallawarachchi 00:03:19
1401Piyaapath Salaa (Another V)Milton Mallawarachchi 00:03:12
1402Piyaman KeruwemuSomathilaka Jayamaha 00:03:40 Somathilaka JayamahaSomathilaka Jayamaha
1403Piyaman KeruwemuNeela Wickramasinghe 00:03:40 Somathilaka JayamahaSomathilaka Jayamaha
1404Piyamba YanawaaClarence Wijewardena 00:02:20
1405PiyathumaaJayantha Kapuwatte 00:04:16
1406Piyum Neela Wila - New MusicT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:35
1407Piyum Niila Wila (Original)T. M. Jayaratne 00:03:33
1408Piyumehi Pani BothiPriyantha Fernando 00:03:52
1409Piyumehi PanibothiC. T. Fernando 00:03:56
1410Piyumehi PanibothiElian Soysa 00:03:33
1411Podi Duwage SinaSomathilaka Jayamaha 00:03:24 Sunil AriyaratneRohana Weerasinghe
1412Podi KumarihamiyeVictor Ratnayake 00:03:59
1413Podi Kumarihamiye (Sa Live in Concert)Victor Ratnayake 00:04:47 Prof Sunil AriyaratneVictor Ratnayake
1414Podi Mal EthanooAnanda Samarakoon 00:03:22
1415Podikale Danga KeruwamaShiromie Fernando 00:03:22
1416Polkichi NaidheeT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:33 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
1417Polkichi NaidheeNeela Wickramasinghe 00:03:33 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
1418Polkichi Nayidhee - New VersionT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:38 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
1419Polkichi Nayidhee - New VersionNeela Wickramasinghe 00:03:38 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
1420Preemaalookaya NiwiigiyaaMohideen Beg 00:03:54
1421Preemaalookaya NiwiigiyaaLatha Walpola 00:03:54
1422PremawanthayanseeJagath Wickramasinghe 00:04:45 Shelton WeeraratneSunil Dharmasena
1423Premaye MandahasiniKarunaratne Divulgane 00:03:59 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1424Premaye MandahasiniKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:59 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1425Premaye WilthereMalini Bulathsinhala 00:03:19 Kularatne AriyawansaH M Jayawardena
1426Premaye WilthereKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:19 Kularatne AriyawansaH M Jayawardena
1427Premayen ManaStanley Peiris 00:03:56 Ediriweera Sarachchandra
1428Premayen ManaEdiriweera Sarachchandra 00:03:12
1429Premayen ManaEdiriweera Sarachchandra 00:02:37
1430Prince of Sri LankaBhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka (English) 00:04:01 Bhadraji Mahinda JayatilakaRukshan Karunanayake
1431Prithiyen SathutinMohan Raj 00:03:12
1432Prithiyen SathutinMohan Raj 00:03:14
1433Prithiyen SathutinNirosha Virajini 00:03:12
1434Prithiyen SathutinNirosha Virajini 00:03:14
1435Pruthugiisi Karaya (In London)H. R. Jothipala 00:04:15
1436Pudhami ObataIndrani Perera 00:03:56
1437Pudhami ObataKithu Guna Gee 00:03:56
1438PujasanayeNanda Malini 00:04:15 Sunil AriyaratneH M Jayawardena
1439Pulli Gonaa (New Mix)Rohana Baddage 00:03:26 Delthota ChandrapalaBandula Wijeweera
1440Pulli Gonaa (New Mix)Bandula Wijeweera 00:03:26
1441Pun Sanden RasPunsiri Soysa 00:04:06
1442Punchi Dawaswala (New Music)Sujatha Attanayake 00:03:12
1443Punchi DuweeShiron Jayathilaka 00:04:27 Thushari PriyangikaGerald Hemantha
1444Punchi Kaale Api (New Mix)Bandula Wijeweera 00:04:03
1445Punchi KaleBandula Wijeweera 00:03:56
1446Punchi Panthiwala - New MusicT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:54
1447Punchi SitheNeela Wickramasinghe 00:03:26 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1448Punchi SitheKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:26 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1449Punsanden RasVictor Ratnayake 00:02:56
1450PunSandha HinahennePriyantha Fernando 00:03:47
1451PunSandha HinahenneSamitha Mudunkotuwa 00:03:47
1452Punsandha HinahenneC. T. Fernando 00:03:47
1453Punsandha HinahenneRukmani Devi 00:03:47
1454Punsandha HinahenneSeedevi 00:03:54
1455Punsandha RaeetaNirosha Virajini 00:04:36 Rathna Sri WijesingheAustin Munasinghe
1456Punyawantha Thun LankendraVictor Ratnayake 00:02:47
1457Pura Poya Handata - New MusicSunil Edirisinghe 00:03:15
1458Purapoya HandataSunil Edirisinghe 00:03:22
1459Purna Chandra LeseT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:40
1460Puruthugiisi KaarayaH. R. Jothipala 00:04:45
1461Raa MadinnaPriyantha Fernando 00:03:10
1462Raajakirulu PalandhapuH. R. Jothipala 00:03:01
1463Raathriya Udawunaa (Another V)T. M. Jayaratne 00:03:10 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1464Radha Krishna [New Music]Amara Ranathunga 00:03:28
1465Radha Krishna [New Music]Dayaratne Ranathunga 00:03:28
1466Radha Krishnaa (New V)Amara Ranathunga 00:05:02
1467Rae Pal RakalaPriyantha Fernando 00:04:20
1468Rae Pal RakinaAbeywardhana Balasuriya 00:04:45 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
1469Rae Pal RakinaThiyaga N. Edward 00:03:08
1470Rae Pel RakinaAbeywardhana Balasuriya 00:05:18 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
1471Rae Pel RekalaC. T. Fernando 00:03:12
1472Rae Pel Rekala (Another V)C. T. Fernando 00:04:16
1473Rae Thunyama Nidi WaraminShiron Jayathilaka 00:04:06 Thushari PriyangikaGerald Hemantha
1474Rae Thunyama Nidi WaraminMalika Hansini Perera 00:04:06 Thushari PriyangikaGerald Hemantha
1475Rae WadamurayaSunil Edirisinghe 00:03:33
1476Raelakin ThaniwiiAbeywardhana Balasuriya 00:02:56
1477Raelle Kiri WaelleIshak Beg 00:03:59
1478Raelle Kiri WaelleG.S.B. Rani (Perera) 00:03:59
1479Raelle Kiri WelleIshak Beg 00:04:53 Karunaratne AbeysekeraP L A Somapala
1480Raelle Kiri WelleG.S.B. Rani (Perera) 00:04:53 Karunaratne AbeysekeraP L A Somapala
1481Raellen Raellata [New Music]Vijaya Kumarathunga 00:04:10 Ajatha Ranasinghe
1482Raigama - GampolaRohana Baddage 00:03:56 Rohana BeddageRohana Beddage
1483Raigama - GampolaBandula Wijeweera 00:03:56
1484Raja MadurakaMalini Bulathsinhala 00:03:40
1485Raja PawulakataBhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka 00:03:16 Vicumpriya PereraBhadraji Mahinda Jayathilaka
1486Rakinu IishwaraaVictor Ratnayake 00:03:47
1487Ran DhahadiyaW. D. Amaradeva 00:03:31 Dolton AlwisW D Amaradeva
1488Ran Giri Giri Gigiri (2001)Nanda Malini 00:03:22 Dolton AlwisNanda Malini
1489Ran Kenden BaendhaNanda Malini 00:03:24 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
1490Ran Maala DhennataMalini Bulathsinhala 00:03:31 Yamuna Malini PereraH M Jayawardena
1491Ran Maala DhennataAnura Kalubowila 00:03:31 Yamuna Malini PereraH M Jayawardena
1492Ran MalakSunil Edirisinghe 00:03:42
1493Ran MalakStanley Peiris 00:03:59 Rohana Weerasinghe
1494Ran Malak LesaAjith Hewa (Instrumentals) 00:05:47
1495Ran Miiwitha - newMervin Perera 00:03:03
1496Ran Pokunata (Jothi Upahara)Rookantha Gunathilake 00:02:56
1497Ran Pokunata (Jothi Upahara)Chandralekha Perera 00:02:56
1498Ran Pokunen DiyaJ.A.Milton Perera 00:03:08
1499Ran SamanalayanClarence Wijewardena 00:02:51
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 01:03:38
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Nalin Jayawardena: Duru Ratawala Api

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