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# Title Vocalist (Artist) Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Seli Seli Shashika Srimali 00:04:05 Lakmi Prabha RatnayakeDhammika Edussooriya
0002Bondha Meedum Sele Anusha Nilanthika 00:03:31 Lakmi Prabha RatnayakeDhammika Edussooriya
0003Iringu Yaaye Dhammika Edussoriya 00:04:35 Vicumpriya PereraDhammika Edussooriya
0004Mandodari Shashika Srimali 00:04:19 Vicumpriya PereraDhammika Edussooriya
0005Siyalu Kathaawan Nalin Jayawardena 00:02:47 Priyantha PathiranaDhammika Edussooriya
0006Seli Seli Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:05 Lakmi Prabha RatnayakeDhammika Edussooriya
0007Punchi Puthuta Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:20 Nayomi Sirinalie NawaratneDhammika Edussooriya
0008Numba Mumunana Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:34 Chathurika SewwandiDhammika Edussooriya
0009Nil Ambare Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:33 Manju SilvaDhammika Edussooriya
0010Nethu Aggissen Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:01 Thilini AthukoralaDhammika Edussooriya
0011Milina Wunu Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:37 Ereen FernandoDhammika Edussooriya
0012Mage Diviyata Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:45 Chrishanthie De FonsekaDhammika Edussooriya
0013Mage Desin Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:36 Sheela PereraDhammika Edussooriya
0014Lanwennata Maa Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:58 Lakmi Prabha RatnayakeDhammika Edussooriya
0015Kurulleku Se Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:24 Thushari LiyanageDhammika Edussooriya
0016Herayaama Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:44 Susantha Dandeniya GamageDhammika Edussooriya
0017Jiwithe Palamuwarata Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:19 Priyantha PathiranaDhammika Edussooriya
0018Dawasata Peya Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:26 Leera De SilvaDhammika Edussooriya
0019Bondha Meedum Sele Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:31 Lakmi Prabha RatnayakeDhammika Edussooriya
0020Bandi Goyama Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:34 Marie Bhagya FernandoDhammika Edussooriya
0021Mathake Puraa Yashodha Priyadarshani 00:03:34 Sanjeewa NanayakkaraHasith Saranga
0022Numba Mage Suduu Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka 00:03:58 Bhadraji Mahinda JayatilakaAchala Solomons
0023Saweth Putha Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka 00:03:59 Bhadraji Mahinda JayatilakaRukshan Karunanayake
0024Maa Obemayi Sadaa Chethana Ranasinghe 00:03:16 Eranga PathitharathneJayanga Dedigama
0025Wadinu Mena Yani Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:53 Janith WitharanageJayanga Dedigama
0026Wiyowii Mihi Mandala Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:17 Dilini AbeysingheJayanga Dedigama
0027Sith Ahasa Mage Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:08 Indu LiyanageJayanga Dedigama
0028Maa Obemayi Sadaa Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:16 Eranga PathitharathneJayanga Dedigama
0029Nihandawii Nethu Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:44 Nishad InthikaJayanga Dedigama
0030Penena Nethu Maanayaka Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:56 Manoji PurnimaJayanga Dedigama
0031Nolebenaa Mal Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:43 Hasini Bhagya ThanthrigeJayanga Dedigama
0032Lowa Maa Ridawaa Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:15 Chathurika SewwandiJayanga Dedigama
0033Hiru Gilihena Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:54 Vicumpriya PereraJayanga Dedigama
0034Duwe Numbata Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:42 Rasi PereraJayanga Dedigama
0035Therak Wuu Daa Sansare Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:30 Sanjeevika SamarathungaDarshana Wickramathunga
0036Podi Hamuduruwane Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:01 Nayanasena WanninayakaDarshana Wickramathunga
0037Wewlayi Detha Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:56 Susantha Dandeniya GamageDarshana Wickramathunga
0038Sohoyuranane Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:04 Dhammika EgodawattaDarshana Wickramathunga
0039Wassana Sandha Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:49 Aruna WickramarachchiDarshana Wickramathunga
0040Hima Kandak Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:09 Hasini Bhagya ThanthrigeDarshana Wickramathunga
0041Sayura Numba Nalin Jayawardena 00:02:59 Wasantha WijekoonDarshana Wickramathunga
0042Awasana Wassanaya Nalin Jayawardena 00:02:49 Wasantha WijekoonDarshana Wickramathunga
0043Purana Kale Keerthi Pasquel 00:04:11 Keerthi Pasquel
0044Aye Nihandawa Inne Romles Perera 00:04:46 Upali AriyarathneSunil Dharmasena
0045Ekama Sithin Gunadasa Kapuge 00:03:33 Gunadasa Kapuge
0046Maa Samadaa Rani Lanka 00:05:30 Dharmasiri Gamage Nadeem Ali
0047Neth Kandulel Rani Lanka 00:03:53 Lakshman MallawaarachchiNadeem Ali
0048Haa Paavila Rani Lanka 00:03:09 Ananda Padmasiri Tissa Gunasekara
0049Awe Soya Sansaraye Rani Lanka 00:05:00 Dharmasiri GamageNadeem Ali
0050Asirimathwu Deki Rani Lanka 00:04:32 Lakshman Mallawaarachchi Sarath Dasanayake
0051Purana Kale Rani Lanka 00:04:11 Keerthi Pasquel
0052Obe Nurawe Rani Lanka 00:02:18 Sena Weerasekara
0053Pem Hangum Hade Rani Lanka 00:03:26 Lakshman MallawaarachchiNadeem Ali
0054Aye Nihandawa Inne Rani Lanka 00:04:46 Upali Ariyarathne Sunil Dharmasena
0055Awe Awe Rani Lanka 00:03:20 Kusum PeirisNadeem Ali
0056Hitha Handa Rani Lanka 00:04:37 Dharmasiri GamageNadeem Ali
0057Ekama Sithin Rani Lanka 00:03:33 Gunadasa Kapuge
0058Priye Priye Priye Rani Lanka 00:03:52 Nadeem Ali
0059Adara Samarum Rani Lanka 00:03:55 Lakshman MallawaarachchiSarath Dasanayake
0060Shobamana Siri Lanka Rani Lanka 00:03:52 Dharmasiri GamageNadeem Ali
0061Pani Bara Wana Mal Rani Lanka 00:03:15 Fr Merceline JayakodyTissa Gunasekara
0062O Sanda Paya Rani Lanka 00:04:54 Deepa HettigeNadeem Ali
0063Mage Nisala Muwa Rani Lanka 00:04:50 Rani LankaSarath Dasanayake
0064Etha Akaasaye Rohana Weerasinghe 00:03:45 Shantha DeshabanduRohana Weerasinghe
0065Etha Akaasaye Deepa Hettige 00:03:45 Shantha DeshabanduRohana Weerasinghe
0066Nivi Nivi Didulana Deepa Hettige 00:02:48 Deepa HettigeDeepa Hettige
0067Asani Wessak Tilak Shantha Perera 00:03:22 Sanjivani KarandeniyaPradeep Bogahawata
0068Aluyama Pinimatha Tilak Shantha Perera 00:04:07 Nilar CassimPradeep Bogahawata
0069Binara Wessata Nimanthi Chamodini 00:03:36 Nishantha DasanayakeAnanda Waidyasekera
0070Akuru Karannata Nimanthi Chamodini 00:04:19 Nayanethri KapurusingheAnanda Waidyasekera
0071Sansara Suwanda Amila Nadeeshani (Jayasundara) 00:04:36 Eranga PathitharathneAnanda Waidyasekera
0072Sinasena Numbe Des Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:02 Anusha NilanthikaAnanda Waidyasekera
0073Numba Kiw Duk Geeyata Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:08 Kawshi DisanayakeAnanda Waidyasekera
0074Binara Wessata Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:36 Nishantha DasanayakeAnanda Waidyasekera
0075Mal Othalaa Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:52 Janith WitharanageAnanda Waidyasekera
0076Suriyakantha Mal Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:42 Kawshi DisanayakeAnanda Waidyasekera
0077Kiyannatawath Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:10 Kawshi DisanayakeAnanda Waidyasekera
0078Sihil Sulangata Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:52 Sanjeevani DahanayakeAnanda Waidyasekera
0079Mage Ura Matha Nalin Jayawardena 00:02:37 Janith WitharanageAnanda Waidyasekera
0080Neranjana Nadi There Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:23 Anuradha SeneviratneAnanda Waidyasekera
0081Heradaa Yanu Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:39 Tharanga JeevaniAnanda Waidyasekera
0082Siththaraa Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:26 Kawshi DisanayakeAnanda Waidyasekera
0083Kandula Numba Nalin Jayawardena 00:05:31 Lakshman NayanakanthaAnanda Waidyasekera
0084Akuru Karannata Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:19 Nayanethri KapurusingheAnanda Waidyasekera
0085Mathakada Mandaa Nalin Jayawardena 00:03:44 Eranga PathitharathneAnanda Waidyasekera
0086Pethum Sundarayi Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:17 Anusha NilanthikaAnanda Waidyasekera
0087Adarayaka Bendilaa Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:11 Manju SilvaManju Silva
0088Sansara Suwanda Nalin Jayawardena 00:04:36 Eranga PathitharathneAnanda Waidyasekera
0089Guitare Shirley Rosa 00:03:17
0090Gayanthi Duwa Shirley Rosa 00:02:37
0091Dawasak Daa Shirley Rosa 00:03:57
0092Apa Dedena Shirley Rosa 00:03:39
0093Amathaka Wela Shirley Rosa 00:03:21
0094Amma Shirley Rosa 00:03:55
0095Sandawathiye Rajith Weerarathne 00:04:09
0096Heena Maruthe Rajith Weerarathne 00:02:38
0097Adare Igenwuu Rajith Weerarathne 00:02:27
0098Nuraa Mathin Suraa Vithin Jagath Wickramasinghe 00:03:48
0099Sitha Kurutu Gee Prasad Karunamuni 00:04:26
0100Rupun Oda Theda Prasad Karunamuni 00:03:55

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