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# Title Vocalist Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
1200Nupurudu Oba DhutuAsanka Priyamantha Peiris 00:03:38 Upali JayalathTissasiri Perera
1201Nurse NonaSaman De Silva 00:04:45
1202Nurse NonaSunil Perera 00:04:08
1203Nurthi Music IICultural Audio Tracks 00:02:28
1204O Mere Sanam (Hindi)Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka 00:04:52 Bhadraji Mahinda JayatilakaShantha Gunaratne
1205Oba Asaa SitiinamNelu Adikari 00:03:36 Mahinda DisanayakeRohana Weerasinghe
1206Oba DannawanamKarunaratne Divulgane 00:04:40
1207Oba Depaa DowaaChandralekha Perera 00:03:15 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1208Oba Depaa DowaaKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:15 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1209Oba Etha GiyaadenNalin Jayawardena 00:03:43 Vicumpriya PereraRohan Jayawardena
1210Oba Haa MemaT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:22 Wimala Ranjini PeirisH M Jayawardena
1211Oba Heenayak WageDeepika Priyadarshani 00:04:24 Upul Shantha SannasgalaRohana Weerasinghe
1212Oba Himiwuna Noweyi (New Mix)Chandrasena Hettiarachchi 00:03:36
1213Oba Kiyanaa KathaAjith Ariyaratne 00:03:45 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1214Oba Menehi Karana Wita (Amma)Nalin Jayawardena 00:06:41 Vicumpriya PereraRohan Jayawardena
1215Oba NidhannaSing with Jothi 00:04:13
1216Oba Nidhanna (Original)H. R. Jothipala 00:03:22
1217Oba Paawii Paawii (New Music)Rupa Indumathi 00:02:47
1218Oba Pem KaranaaGunadasa Kapuge 00:02:42
1219Oba Pem Karanaa (w Sunflower)Gunadasa Kapuge 00:03:09
1220Obage DetholDushyanth Weeraman 00:03:35 Sulochana B GamageAnuhas Music House
1221Obage SewaneNeela Wickramasinghe 00:03:03
1222Obage SewaneNeela Wickramasinghe 00:02:56 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1223Obage SewaneKularatne Ariyawansa 00:02:56 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1224Obai RamyaNanda Malini 00:05:41 Sunil AriyaratneH M Jayawardena
1225Obata Maa EpaaSing with Jothi 00:03:42
1226Obata Mathaka NaeNanda Malini 00:04:43 Dolton AlwisP Dunstun de Silva
1227Obata ThibenaM.S. Fernando 00:03:24
1228Obata Thibena (New Music)M.S. Fernando 00:04:09
1229Obata Thibena AadareJagath Wickramasinghe (Instrumentals) 00:04:06
1230Obata Thibena AdareNIMTECH 00:05:21
1231Obata Thibena Adhare (Live)M.S. Fernando 00:04:01
1232Obata Waram NaethiKarunaratne Divulgane 00:03:26
1233Obath Dutuwada EliyakNimal Gunasekera 00:03:26 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1234Obath Dutuwada EliyakNilupuli Dilhara 00:03:26 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1235Obe AthagenaRohana Siriwardena 00:03:53 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1236Obe AthagenaKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:53 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1237Obe HasarelDushyanth Weeraman 00:03:48 Dushyanth Weeraman and Shaheeka ShaheedYohan Rajapakse
1238Obe Lee GalaaNalin Jayawardena 00:03:45 Vicumpriya PereraJayanga Dedigama
1239Obe Preme PathaSing with Jothi 00:02:44
1240Obe Preme Patha MaaH. R. Jothipala 00:02:42
1241Obe Sihinawala Mal PipennaSanduni Rashmikaa (Athulage) 00:03:06 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1242Obe Sina LangaJagath Wickramasinghe 00:03:54 Deshanjalie WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe
1243Obe SusumDayan Witharana 00:03:57 Ravi SiriwardenaRohana Weerasinghe
1244Obe Susum PawanSuresh Maliyadde 00:03:50
1245Obe Vidiyee Pahan KanuwaNalin Jayawardena 00:04:25 Vicumpriya PereraRohan Jayawardena
1246Obee AdareMervin Perera 00:03:01
1247Obee Adare - newMervin Perera 00:03:17
1248Obee Atha Gena (original)Rohana Siriwardena 00:03:54 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1249Obee AthagenaRohana Siriwardena 00:04:12 Kularathna AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1250Obee Namin SaeeyaW. D. Amaradeva 00:03:31 Mahinda DisanayakeW D Amaradeva
1251Ohu Aithi MatayiNelu Adikari 00:04:06 Kularatne AriyawansaTissasiri Perera
1252Ohu Aithi MatayiKularatne Ariyawansa 00:04:06 Kularatne AriyawansaTissasiri Perera
1253OjayeeGypsies 00:06:09
1254Olu NelumSisira Senaratne 00:03:31
1255Olu NelumSisira Senaratne 00:04:22
1256Olu NelumSisira Senaratne 00:04:13 Fr Mercelin JayakodySunil Santha/B S Perera
1257Olu Nelum (Original)Indrani Wijebandara Senaratne 00:02:40 Fr. Mercelin JayakodySunil Santha / B S Perera
1258Olu Nelum (Original)Sisira Senaratne 00:02:40 Fr. Mercelin JayakodySunil Santha / B S Perera
1259Olu PipilaSunil Santha 00:03:10
1260Olu PipilaChandimal Fernando 00:03:12
1261Olu PipilaElian Soysa 00:04:50
1262Olu PipilaJagath Wickramasinghe (Instrumentals) 00:03:49
1263Oolu PipiilaaSeedevi 00:03:22
1264Oru KandhaMarians 00:03:19
1265Oru Kandha PaawiVijaya Kumarathunga 00:03:32 Kularatne AriyawansaH M Jayawardena
1266Oru Kandha PaawiKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:32 Kularatne AriyawansaH M Jayawardena
1267Orukandhath DiralaaSohan Weerasinghe 00:03:20
1268Oruwa WasaaT. M. Jayaratne 00:03:17
1269Oruwaka PaawenaMilton Mallawarachchi 00:03:08
1270Oruwaka Paawena (Another V)Milton Mallawarachchi 00:03:26
1271Our LandGypsies 00:05:29
1272Our LandGypsies 00:05:29
1273Paa Engili SelenaNalin Jayawardena 00:03:27 Vicumpriya PereraRohan Jayawardena
1274Paa Engili SelenaAnura Dias 00:03:27 Vicumpriya PereraRohan Jayawardena
1275Paa SatahanBhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka 00:03:25 Vicumpriya PereraBhadraji Mahinda Jayathilaka
1276Paaloswaka SandhaW. D. Amaradeva 00:02:51 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
1277Paaloswaka SandhaW. D. Ariyasinghe 00:03:10
1278Paaloswaka Sandha (New Music)W. D. Ariyasinghe 00:03:11
1279Paaloswaka Sandha (New Music)Susantha Gunaratne 00:03:11
1280Paalu Andhuru NilW. D. Amaradeva 00:05:52 Mahagama SekeraW D Amaradeva
1281Paalu MaawatheMilton Mallawarachchi 00:03:22
1282Paarami Dham - New VersionNeela Wickramasinghe 00:04:10 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
1283Paaramii DhamNeela Wickramasinghe 00:04:06 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
1284Paaru PaalamenSunil Edirisinghe 00:03:24
1285Paaru PaalamenRohan Jayawardena (Instrumentals) 00:03:24
1286Paaru Paalamen (Karaoke Music Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:03:24
1287Paata Dhedhunu (Original)Sunil Edirisinghe 00:02:44
1288Paatin DilenaaSanthuri Waidyasekera 00:04:43 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1289Paatin DilenaaSanduni Rashmikaa (Athulage) 00:04:43 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1290Paawe WalaaVictor Ratnayake 00:03:45 Meegoda WilsonMervin Perera
1291Paawena Nil WalaweW. D. Amaradeva 00:03:07 Kularatne AriyawansaSarath Dasanayake
1292Paawena Nil WalaweJagath Wickramasinghe (Instrumentals) 00:03:54
1293Paawena Nil WalaweKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:07 Kularatne AriyawansaSarath Dasanayake
1294Paawena Walaa AtharaCharitha Priyadharshani 00:04:06 Rambukana Siddartha HimiEdward Jayakody
1295PaawenaaStanley Peiris 00:03:21 Sarath Dasanayake
1296Paawenaa Nil WalaaweeW. D. Amaradeva 00:03:08 Kularatne AriyawansaSarath Dasanayake
1297Paaya Aeyi HinaehenneH. R. Jothipala 00:03:12 Aloy Gunawardena
1298Padanam PideliNalin Jayawardena 00:03:57 Vicumpriya PereraSangeeth Wickramasinghe
1299PalanchiyeSunil Edirisinghe 00:03:42
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 01:03:38
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