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  1. This is a service provided to Sinhala Music Fans, artists, and music producers to popularize Sri Lankan Music. Our intention is to publicize the work of the Sri Lankan Music Artists. With this purpose we have made available audio files of music which are not readily accessible to Sri Lankan Music Fans, especially for those of who live outside Sri Lanka.
  2. All song files in this site are encoded in to 20kbps Real Media® files. The quality of these audio files is far inferior to the quality of a Compact Disk (CD) recording [256kbps MP3 or better] and this has been done intentionally to discourage copying, downloading, and selling the music for unauthorized commercial gains. In addition, we have also disabled download and record features within each song file with the same purpose.
  3. If you are the copyright holder of any of the material appearing in this site and believe that the site contains your copyrighted work without permission, please write to webmaster@sinhalajukebox.org immediately. We will investigate your complaint and in the case that your claim had been found to be with merit, we will immediately remove all of your material on your request and such removal will be the ONLY obligation and responsibility of this site maintainers. Please note that it is impossible and not practical for this site maintainers to locate and contact all copyright holders of the work appearing in this site (even though we certainly would like to do so) to check for copyright clearance and therefore our ONLY recourse is to honour your request for the removal of materials from the site.
  4. Operation of this site is much similar to operation of radio station web sites. We play audio files to popularize Sri Lankan Music and Sri Lankan Artists who would otherwise NOT receive this kind of worldwide exposure and thereby help them sell their musical work. Anybody can record songs from a radio broadcast, but that has not deterred people from buying music. Lankan Artists and music producers are hereby invited to submit their work for possible listing in the Sinhala Jukebox. We already have a great following of contributors and you are also invited to be one.
  5. We reserve the right to publish anywhere of our choice, any and all emails we receive at ...@sinhalajukebox.org if we have reasons to believe that they contain viruses and/or contain malicious items. Other than that, we NEVER publish or share your emails to us with anyone or any entity. The exception to the above rule is, of course, when your request is of the nature that can only be handled by someone other than us. (Example: A Request to buy music CDs)

Why Sinhala Jukebox?

Maintainers of Sinhala Jukebox believe that this site is doing a great service to Sri Lankan Music and Culture. We have helped Sri Lankans and People of Sri Lankan Origin living across the world who would otherwise have limited access to music produced in Sri Lanka, to listen to samples of music produced in Sri Lanka. Although no complete independent surverys have been conducted so far on this subject, we believe that the artists/music producers are gaining a good exposure for free which will eventually help them to sell their music more. We are available to discuss or to debate this point with you at any time.

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Although we discourage downloading of music files and oppose making CD quality music files available for unauthorised downloads free of charge to the public (see above for what we are doing to deter this), the following facts about Downloading Music through the Internet are worth reading for people who debate on this subject.

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Nalin Jayawardena: Duru Ratawala Api

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