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# Title Vocalist Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
1700Satharawaram DhewiW. D. Amaradeva 00:03:31 Rathna Sri WijesingheW D Amaradeva
1701Sathgiri KuluT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:40
1702Sathgiri Kulu - New MusicT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:58
1703SathyayeSenanayake Weraliyadda 00:03:10
1704Sathyaye (with Intro)Senanayake Weraliyadda 00:03:20
1705Sawana SanasaaAnura Kalubowila 00:03:36 Daya De AlwisRohana Weerasinghe
1706Sawandhii Pera Raama CharitheeVictor Ratnayake 00:02:28
1707Seetha AraneMalini Bulathsinhala 00:04:03 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1708Seetha AraneMalini Bulathsinhala 00:04:27 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1709Seetha AraneMilton Mallawarachchi 00:04:03
1710Seetha AraneMilton Mallawarachchi 00:04:27 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1711Seetha AraneKularatne Ariyawansa 00:04:27 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1712Seetha Hima RateMilton Mallawarachchi 00:04:17
1713Seetha MeedumT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:58 Kularatne AriyawansaH M Jayawardena
1714Seetha Pini BinduGunadasa Kapuge 00:03:26 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1715Seetha Pini BinduKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:26 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1716Seetha Rae WasantheMalkanthi Nandasiri 00:03:42 Sunil AriyaratneClarence Wijewardena
1717Seetha Rae WasantheSanath Nandasiri 00:03:42 Sunil AriyaratneClarence Wijewardena
1718Seetha Rae Wasanthe (Karaoke Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:03:33 Sunil AriyaratneClarence Wijewardena
1719Seetha Rae Wasanthe (Karaoke Track)NIMTECH 00:03:33 Sunil AriyaratneClarence Wijewardena
1720Seetha Rae YaameSanath Nandasiri 00:03:23 Sunil AriyaratnePremasiri Khemadasa
1721Seetha Rae Yaame (Karaoke Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:03:23 Sunil AriyaratnePremasiri Khemadasa
1722Seetha Rae Yaame (Karaoke Track)NIMTECH 00:03:23 Sunil AriyaratnePremasiri Khemadasa
1723Seetha Rae YameSanath Nandasiri 00:03:26 Sunil AriyaratnePremasiri Khemadasa
1724Seetha Reka Neela AmbareSamitha Mudunkotuwa 00:03:38 Bandara AeheliyagodaRohana Weerasinghe
1725Seetha Reka Neela AmbareAnura Kalubowila 00:03:38 Bandara AeheliyagodaRohana Weerasinghe
1726Seetha Sunil Diya DhaharaH. R. Jothipala 00:02:35
1727Seethala Sandha EliyeGunadasa Kapuge 00:03:10 Hadson Samarasinghe
1728Seethalata WakutuwiiNilupuli Dilhara 00:05:04 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1729Seethale NisansaleVijaya Kumarathunga 00:03:24 Sanath NandasiriSanath Nandasiri
1730Sekayak EthnamNalin Jayawardena 00:03:46 Vicumpriya PereraSangeeth Wickramasinghe
1731Selena DiwimagaAmarasiri Peiris 00:02:05 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1732Selena DiwimagaKularatne Ariyawansa 00:02:05 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1733Senasen Nelawenna (Karaoke Music Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:04:12
1734Senasuru Apalaya ha NaganiyaSomasiri Medagedara 00:03:27 Sarath KahawalaNimal Jayakody
1735Senda Ahasa Wage (Karaoke Music Track)Karaoke Tracks 00:03:22 Lucien BulathsinhalaH M Jayawardena
1736Sende Ahasa WageSandya Bulathsinhala 00:03:29 Lucien BulathsinhalaH M Jayawardena
1737Sende AhaseSujeewa Ranasinghe 00:03:33 Dayaratne Ranathunga
1738Sende AhasinAnura Kalubowila 00:03:31 Lal HegodaRohana Weerasinghe
1739Sene SithinGunadasa Kapuge 00:03:17 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1740Sene SithinKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:17 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1741Senehasa WindhinataChandralekha Perera 00:03:49 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1742Senehasa WindinataChandralekha Perera 00:03:44 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1743Senehasa WindinataKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:44 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1744Senehasa Windinata (Reggae)Chandralekha Perera 00:04:40
1745SepalikaKarunaratne Divulgane 00:03:26
1746Sethak KelesadaMalini Bulathsinhala 00:03:58 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1747Sewanee Kumbuk SewaneeT. M. Jayaratne 00:04:43 Sri Nihal JayasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
1748Sewanee Kumbuk SewaneeAnjaleen Gunathilake 00:04:43 Sri Nihal JayasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
1749Shaantha Mee Raee YaameeW. D. Amaradeva 00:03:22 W D AmaradevaW D Amaradeva
1750Shantha Mee Rae YaameStanley Peiris 00:03:26
1751Shantha Mee Rae Yaamee (2002)W. D. Amaradeva 00:04:33 W D AmaradevaW D Amaradeva
1752Sigiri LanduneT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:21 Hemasiri HalpitaClarence Wijewardena
1753Sigiri Landune - New MusicT. M. Jayaratne 00:02:28 Hemasiri HalpitaClarence Wijewardena
1754Sigiri SukumaliPriyantha Fernando 00:03:19
1755Sigiri SukumaliC. T. Fernando 00:03:12
1756Sigiri SukumaliyeJagath Wickramasinghe (Instrumentals) 00:03:17
1757Sigirieye NariMohideen Beg 00:03:52
1758Sihina Ahase WasantheJagath Wickramasinghe (Instrumentals) 00:04:06
1759Sihina AhaseeSing with Jothi 00:04:03
1760Sihina Ahasee (New Mix)Grecian Ananda 00:04:27
1761Sihina Ahasee (New Music)Anjaleen Gunathilake 00:04:20
1762Sihina Ahasee WasantheGrecian Ananda 00:03:19
1763Sihina GenenaClarence Wijewardena 00:03:03
1764Sihina LowakClarence Wijewardena 00:04:43
1765Sihina LowePriyantha Fernando 00:03:38
1766Sihina LoweC. T. Fernando 00:03:42
1767Sihina Lowe (New Music)Priyantha Fernando 00:03:31 Lalith S MaithripalaStanley Peiris
1768Sihina Lowe Mihira (Sunflower)Priyantha Fernando 00:03:01
1769Sihina MaayimenNalin Jayawardena 00:03:11 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1770Sihina MaayimenNilupuli Dilhara 00:03:11 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1771Sihina WileH. R. Jothipala 00:04:04 Kularatne AriyawansaVictor Ratnayake
1772Sihina WileLatha Walpola 00:04:04 Kularatne AriyawansaVictor Ratnayake
1773Sihina WileKularatne Ariyawansa 00:04:04 Kularatne AriyawansaVictor Ratnayake
1774Sihinen Oba MataMilton Mallawarachchi 00:03:17
1775Sihinen Oba Mata (Another Version)Milton Mallawarachchi 00:03:31
1776Siigiri ApsaraavaAsanka Priyamantha Peiris 00:03:36
1777Siigiri GiiyakNirosha Virajini 00:04:20 Sunil AriyaratneStanley Peiris
1778Siigiriye Kurutu GiiPrince UdayaPriyantha 00:03:45 Lalith WasanthaJayasiri Amarasekera
1779Siitha AraneeSandya Bulathsinhala 00:05:01
1780Siitha AraneeRanil Mallawarachchi 00:05:01
1781Siitha AraneeRohana Weerasinghe 00:05:01
1782Siitha Maa SiriyaAmarasiri Peiris 00:03:45
1783Siitha Maa Siriyaa InneVictor Ratnayake 00:03:49
1784Siitha SunilSing with Jothi 00:02:35
1785Siithala Sandha (w Sunflower)Gunadasa Kapuge 00:03:01 Hadson Samarasinghe
1786Sikuru NatanaWalter Fernando 00:03:10 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1787Sikuru TharuwaSenanayake Weraliyadda 00:02:49
1788Sikuru tharuwa (with Intro)Senanayake Weraliyadda 00:03:08
1789Sili Sili Seethala AlleRaj Seneviratne 00:04:01
1790Sina ThotakNirosha Virajini 00:04:28 Bandula NanayakkarawasamRohana Weerasinghe
1791Sinaa DolakVictor Ratnayake 00:03:46 Kularatne AriyawansaVictor Ratnayake
1792Sinaa DolakKularatne Ariyawansa 00:03:46 Kularatne AriyawansaVictor Ratnayake
1793Sinaa Mini WenaAnura Kalubowila 00:03:38 Ananda AmarasiriRohana Weerasinghe
1794Sinaa PodakwiiDeepika Priyadarshani 00:04:29 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1795Sinaa PodakwiiKularatne Ariyawansa 00:04:29 Kularatne AriyawansaRohana Weerasinghe
1796Sinaasenna MataNirosha Virajini 00:04:00
1797Sindenathek DiyaNalin Jayawardena 00:04:55 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1798Sindenathek DiyaNilupuli Dilhara 00:04:55 Vicumpriya PereraAnanda Waidyasekera
1799Sindu Kiyana KinduriyakataAnura Kalubowila 00:04:07 Lucien BulathsinhalaH M Jayawardena
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 01:03:38
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Nalin Jayawardena: Duru Ratawala Api

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