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Stanley Welgampola

Stanley Welgampola

We are featuring the album, Mathaka Suwandha, by Stanley for your listening pleasure.

Stanley Welgampola is a writer as well as a musician. He recently published a collection of his English short stories and Sinhala poems in his book titled Some call it Destiny. Over the years Stanley has composed lyrics to several songs, which were sung and recorded by another Artist. With his most recent creative work, Stanley decided to voice his own songs and record the album Mathaka Suwanda. Having joined the Church choir at the age of eight and following in the footsteps of his late father, playwright and musician Malachias Perera of Negombo, Stanley has a great and enduring love for music. His appreciation for the rural life in Sri Lanka and the beauty of the countryside are depicted in many of his songs. Stanley is now retired from the Pharmaceuticals industry and is currently lecturing in a Teacher Training School in Colombo. He blends both fact and fiction into his compositions and finds inspiration through his strong beliefs, his adoring students and his own life experiences. He is joined by his wife Shirani on vocals for the duets on this album.

Since the release of the debut album, Stanley had been working on additional songs and now we are listing two additional albums by him, Sithengi Semarum and Lengathu Siththam. Lengathu Siththam is his latest album that was released in 2009.

All 3 albums are under the Musical Arrangement of Ernest Soysa, a popular musician of Sri Lanka.

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Mathaka Suwandha - Music Arrangement by Ernest Soysa.


Mathaka Suwandha by Stanley Welgampola
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Ahasa Polawa Se
00:03:56 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0002Gama Nisansalayi
00:04:04 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0003Hela Weera Puthun with Shirani Welgampola
00:03:17 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0004Maa Eda Yowun Wiye
00:03:37 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0005Mahagedara Thaniwiya with Shirani Welgampola
00:03:50 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0006Mathaka Suwandha with Shirani Welgampola
00:03:38 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Wegampola
0007Minneriya Wew Diye Sisila
00:04:00 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0008Nil Guwan Gaebe
00:03:02 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0009Nosalanna Kandulak
00:03:34 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0010Oba Maa Langa Siti Dawase
00:04:09 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0011Pehesara Punsandha
00:03:15 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0012Pura Pasaloswaka Sandha
00:04:11 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0013Seda Salu Se
00:03:44 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Wegampola
0014Sunimala Raejini
00:03:53 Welgampolage Malachias PereraWelgampolage Malachias Perera
0015Tharu Niwuna Raeye
00:04:30 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0016Wae Kandiya Matha
00:03:16 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola

Sithengi Semarum - Music Arrangement by Ernest Soysa.


Sithengi Semarum by Stanley Welgampola
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Days of Wines and Roses (Sonduruthama Samaya)
00:03:29 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0002Nawa Yowun Mathakayak
00:04:16 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0003Obata Hedama Sudu Osariya
00:03:28 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0004Obe Pinen Pethum Sebewunaa
00:04:15 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0005Pura Handaka Wasanawan
00:04:04 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0006Sitha Niwaalu Denuwan
00:03:52 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0007You were only a dream (Oba Sihinayakma Wiya)
00:03:08 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola

Lengathu Siththam - Music Arrangement by Ernest Soysa.


Lengathu Siththaam by Stanley Welgampola
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Hadha Bendi Rae Yaame
00:04:30 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0002Hamuweda Mathu Sasare
00:03:58 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0003Lengathu Siththam with Shirani Welgampola
00:02:46 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0004Mana Bendi Dasun
00:03:14 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola
0005Samanala Yugayaka Prarthanaa (A Shining Light) with Shirani Welgampola
00:03:07 Samanthi FernandoStanley Welgampola
0006Sithuwili Arane
00:03:38 Stanley WelgampolaStanley Welgampola

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