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Mangala Jayakody

Mangala with Rookantha and Chandralekha

We are proud to feature 10 original songs from Mr. Mangala Jayakody at Sinhala Jukebox.

Mangala Jayakody was born in Polgahawela, Sri Lanka and immigrated to the United State in 1989 and is currently working for "CompUSA", where America buys technology. He is also an Apple certified computer professional.

He studied at Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. His music instructor, Mr. Dayapala was an inspiration and encouraged Mangala to develop his interest in music. As a result, Mangala became an active member of many school-run music organizations, including the collage band, the cadet band, and the orchestra. During that period the school bands and orchestra received several national awards including the national championship.

In addition to being a gifted vocalist, Mangala also plays many instruments such as the sitar, guitar, flute and drums. In 1972, after graduating from high school he formed his first band called "Flower Buds", where he was the lead singer. In 1974 he quit this band and formed "Sweet Inspiration", his second band, which was more successful than the previous band and won many laurels. It was ranked as one of the top five bands in the entire nation in a national talent contest held in 1976. As a result, Mangala received a contract to sing in Kandy Lake Club, where he performed with veteran singers such as Rukmani Devi and C. T. Fernando. In 1979, he landed a lucrative job in Saudi Arabia to perform Calypso music at a five star hotel. Mangala recorded his first album "Mage Kauluwen" with the help of his good friend and music director Rukantha Gunathilake in 1988.

Mangala's hobbies include digital photography too. Please visit his Official website that contains many of his pictures including the latest Hi def Movie clips dwi and Pictures from Sri Lanka taken by Mangala.

Mangala is working on his next album containing Re-Mixes of some of his old favorites and also new songs with Rookantha Gunathilake and Chandralekha Perera. We will let you know when it hits the music stores.

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To inquire about songs featured in this page contact Mangala Jayakody directly or visit his website here.


Mage Kawuluwen



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Nalin Jayawardena: Duru Ratawala Api

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