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Jennat Guruge

Jennat Guruge

We are featuring 18 Original music tracks by Jennat Guruge from her debuting CD Seda Kirilli.

Jennat Guruge is no stanger to the Sri Lankans living in Paris. Living there for more than a decade, she has entertained the Sri Lankan music fans many a time. And to her credit she has won several awards in Paris for her talent. The first such award being the "Best Singer Award" at the Amateur Singing Contest organized by the Sinhala Association is Paris in 1997. During the next year she repeated her feat by winning the first place at the Musical Competition organized by the Women's Eagle Society in Paris. In the same year she has held a solo concert titled "Hemanthaye Gee".

But these awards were not mere surprises for Jennat, who has won many accolades during her school days and university education at the Instutute Aesthetic Studies of the University of Kelaniya. Her teachers, peers and fellow musicians have enough testimonies to prove her talent. She has excelled at the Instutute Aesthetic Studies by winning awards for best performances year after year.

"Seda Kirilli" is the culmination of her and her husband, Dharmasiri Guruge's desire to release her own album. This is a collection of 18 beautiful tracks of varied style which no doubt will have lasting impressions in your listening experience. As you can see from the details of the tracks, prominent musicians, lyricists and composers in Sri Lanka have joined hands with Jennut to bring this wonderful CD and Cassette.

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Seda Kirilli

Seda Kirilli


Seda Kirilli by Jennat Guruge
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Aewilee Gini Aadharee
00:03:40 Saman EkanayakaStanley Peiris
0002Chanchala Vii Maa
00:03:56 Praneeth AbeysundaraSanath Nandasiri
0003Dhuu Dharu Senehasa
00:04:08 Rev. Pathegama KgnanissaraRohana Weerasinghe
00:03:16 Manju NedagamuwaTissasiri Perera
0005Maa Obey Kiyaavi
00:03:34 Amarasena KankanamgeH M Jayawardena
0006Man Ganan Guruthuumii
00:03:01 Manju NedagamuwaSamantha Perera
00:03:56 Kumaradasa SaputhanthriEdward Jayakody
0008Mathaka Chithakayayi
00:04:33 Lasantha JayalathSujeewa Kariyakarawana
0009Mulu Gamama Visayi
00:03:41 Manju NedagamuwaNeela Wickramasinghe
00:04:53 Ajantha RanasingheRookantha Gunathilake
0011Saappuwala Suwandha
00:02:50 P M RanaweeraNeela Wickramasinghe
0012Salaa Pawan
00:03:28 Ajantha RanasingheGunadasa Kapuge
0013Sandha Siithaleema
00:02:59 Ananda HewaranhindageNeela Wickramasinghe
0014Sandhee Lassana
00:04:05 Bandula NanayakkarawasamRohana Weerasinghe
0015Seela Andhinawaa
00:03:55 Ananda HewaranhindageRohana Weerasinghe
0016Sippi Katte
00:02:51 Manju NedagamuwaSamantha Perera
0017Thahanam Vii Nam
00:03:26 Kularathna AriyawansaSarath De Alwis
0018Thuru Sevanak
00:03:37 Manju NedagamuwaMervin Perera

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