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Visharad Indu Premathilaka

We are featuring 19 great song tracks by Indu Premathilaka. When he was five years old he started learning music at Thurston College. He has played the Violin up to Bathkandya Visharad Degree under Visharad Somasiri Illesinghe. He has completed Vocal Bathkandya Visharad Degree under Manjula Vithanage. After finishing school in 1991, he formed a band called "Moving Shadows" and led the group till 1996. He was a guitarist in the band. Also he is an "A" grade singer in Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation. In 1992 he sang his first song in Rupavahini titled "Ruduru uda gini" to the Udara musical programme. In 1993 he sang his first song in Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation titled "Suwada didi pipi mal soyala" which was composed by him. In 1996 he graduated as an Architect. In 2001 he has migrated to Australia.

He formed a band in Sydney called Creations and their first major event was Siriyamesaara, H.R. Jothipala tribute musical show. He's planning to release his first CD titled "Dili dili sanda dili dili" in near future. At present he contributes Sydney with his music talents. He would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, who has given their support to come a long way. Specially to Chandra Perera (who was his music teacher at Thurston College), his parents Swarna Prematilake and Gamini Prematilake, Somasiri Illesinghe, Manjula Vithanage, Thanuja Dissanayake, Susil Amarasinghe, Kalani Perera, Rohana Weerasinghe, Kapila Kumara Kalinga and Samantha Perera.

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Dili Dili Sandha


Dili Dili Sandha by Indu Premathilaka
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Aadhara Sihina
00:02:56 Ananda PadmasiriStanley Peiris
0002Alankaara Lesa
00:04:35 Kapila Kumara KalingaRohana Weerasinghe
0003Ara Aeetha Pena
00:04:04 Thanuja DisanayakeStanley Peiris
0004Dhili Dhili
00:03:55 Ajantha RanasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0005Ipanaellata Aakaasee (Sumanawathi)
00:03:57 Ajantha RanasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0006Kaelee Pipuna Mal
00:03:49 Rathnasiri SellaperumaSamantha Perera
0007Kandhulu Puroogena
00:04:13 Ajantha RanasingheSamantha Perera
0008Maa Kusa Yahana with Swarna Premathilaka
00:03:35 Mahesh Jayaweera PereraSamantha Perera
0009Magee Paankiriththi
00:02:45 Nilar N CassimSamantha Perera
0010Maha Rathmala
00:03:27 Kapila Kumara KalingaKalani Perera
0011Oba Dhannawadha
00:03:33 Yasanath Dhammika BandaraNaath Bandara
0012Oba Hinaawenna
00:03:47 Bandula NanayakkarawasamSusil Amarasinghe
0013Pinimuthu Sihilelle
00:04:16 Hemasiri HalpitaSangeeth Wickramasinghe
0014Puraa Handhakwa Maa
00:03:13 Ajantha RanasingheH M Jayawardena
0015Raena Mal
00:03:34 Sunil R GamageAnanda Perera
0017Saraa Sandha
00:03:51 Deepani HalangodaMahinda Bandara
0018Sil Padha Mumunaa
00:04:39 Upul Shantha SannasgalaAnanda Perera
0019Sulanghakwii with Samitha Mudunkotuwa
00:03:48 Samantha HerathSusil Amarasinghe
0020Waehi Bindhak
00:04:14 Upul Shantha SannasgalaSamantha Perera

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