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Dhammapada CD Set

Dhammapada - Sinhala

Dhammapada - English

Dhammapada is one of the greatest literary products of Buddhist literature and philosophy. It is considered by many as Buddha's own teaching and hence undoubtedly is the most popular canonical text of Buddhism contained in Tri-Pitaka. Dhammapada, the wisdom and insight of Buddha, consists of 26 chapters called Vagga spanning into 423 verses.

Written as a text to be read, re-read, and followed to lead a better life, Dhammapada is suitable for people of all religious backgrounds. It has been translated to many languages and is revered by all sects of Buddhist thought. There are hundreads of various translations of Dhammapada to English and Sinhala and is a commonly quoted by many in their day to day life.

This set of Compact Disks of Dhammapada was created to fill the void of non-availability of Dhammapada in electronic format for your listening pleasure. We sincerely hope that the Dhamampada will be listened to and followed everyday by many folks with the aid of this production.

The Sinhala CD set contain complete Dhammapada Verses in Pali, chanted by Rev. Beruwala Siri Sobitha B.A., followed by Sinhala Explanations.

This set of 4 English CDs contain complete Dhammapada Verses in Pali, chanted by Rev. Beruwala Siri Sobitha B.A., (the resident monk at Sri Lanka Buddest Temple, Perth, Australia.), followed by explanation of each verse in English by Gil Fronsal Ph.D.(Insight Meditation Centre, Redwood City, California, USA).

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Dhammapada CD Set - Sinhala

Dhammapada - Sinhala - Released by Lanka Heritage

Dhammapada Sinhala CD Set Listen By Chapter

1. Yamaka Wargaya - The Twin Verses

2. Apramada Wargaya - Helpfulness

3. Chiththa Wargaya - Mind

4. Pushpa Wargaya - Flowers

5. Baala Wargaya - Fools

6. Panditha Wargaya - The Wise

7. Arahantha Wargaya - The Worthy

8. Sahashra Wargaya - Thousands

9. Paapa Wargaya - Evil

10. Dhanda Wargaya - The Rod or Punishment

11. Jaraa Wargaya - Old Age

12. Aathma Wargaya - The Self

13. Loka Wargaya - The World

14. Buddha Wargaya - The Buddha

15. Sukha Wargaya - Happiness

16. Priya Wargaya - Affection

17. Krodha wargaya - Anger

18. Mala Wargaya - Impurities or Taints

19. Dharmastha Wargaya - The Just or The Righteous

20. Marga Wargaya - The Way or The Path

21. Prakeernaka Wargaya - Miscellaneous

22. Niraya Wargaya - Woeful State

23. Naaga Wargaya - The Elephant

24. Thrushnaa Wargaya - Craving

25. Bikkshu Wargaya - The Bhikkhu or The Mendicant

26. Brahmana Wargaya - The Brahmana

Dhammapada CD Set - English

Dhammapada - English - Released by Lanka Heritage

Dhammapada English CD Set Listen By Chapter

1. Introduction to English CD Set

2. Ch 01. Yamaka Wargaya - Dichotomies

3. Ch 02. Apramada Wargaya - Vigilance

4. Ch 03. Chiththa Wargaya - The Mind

5. Ch 04. Pushpa Wargaya - Flowers

6. Ch 05. Baala Wargaya - The Fool

7. Ch 06. Panditha Wargaya - The Sage

8. Ch 07. Arahantha Wargaya - The Arahant

9. Ch 08. Sahashra Wargaya - Thousands

10. Ch 09. Paapa Wargaya - Evil

11. Ch 10. Dhanda Wargaya - Violence

12. Ch 11. Jaraa Wargaya - Old Age

13. Ch 12. Aathma Wargaya - Oneself

14. Ch 13. Loka Wargaya - The World

15. Ch 14. Buddha Wargaya - The Buddha

16. Ch 15. Sukha Wargaya - Happiness

17. Ch 16. Priya Wargaya - The Dear

18. Ch 17. Krodha wargaya - Anger

19. Ch 18. Mala Wargaya - Corruption

20. Ch 19. Dharmastha Wargaya - The Just

21. Ch 20. Marga Wargaya - The Path

22. Ch 21. Prakeernaka Wargaya - Miscellaneous

23. Ch 22. Niraya Wargaya - Hell

24. Ch 23. Naaga Wargaya - The Elephant

25. Ch 24. Thrushnaa Wargaya - Craving

26. Ch 25. Bikshu Wargaya - The Bhikkhu

27. Ch 26. Brahmana Wargaya - The Brahmin


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