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Hilary Rajakarunanayake

Page 1 of 1 [36 Tracks - Total Duration 02:03:05]

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# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Adin Passe Maa
00:02:47 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0002Aluthma Badu Genalla
00:02:13 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0003Darling Kiyanawa Mata Sir
00:03:26 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0004Denuwara Dedenaa
00:02:54 Upali DhalawalavithanaDayaratne Ranathunga
0005Drinking Night and Day
00:03:07 Ananda SeneviratneErnest Soysa
0006Gamin Katunayake
00:03:49 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0007Harima Dakshayaa
00:03:38 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0008Hayath Pahuwunaa
00:02:55 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
00:03:17 Saman ChandranathErnest Soysa
0010Himaala Kande
00:03:02 Ajantha RanasingheErnest Soysa
0011Hippi Hippi Huray
00:02:57 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0012Jayashree Lanka
00:03:52 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0013Kaarane Mokakda Danne Nae
00:04:29 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
00:03:22 Hilary RajakarunanayakeErnest Soysa
0015Kumata Yudha Gini
00:03:11 Saman ChandranathErnest Soysa
0016Mage Absent Minded Professor
00:03:31 Hilary RajakarunanayakeErnest Soysa
0017Mamayi Mage Seeya
00:03:43 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0018Mata Ahenawa Mata Ahenawa
00:03:10 Hilary RajakarunanayakeDayaratne Ranathunga
0019Math Dum Rodak
00:04:29 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0020Me Andure Sirage
00:04:10 Hilary RajakarunanayakeErnest Soysa
0021Me Mage Maw Ratayi
00:03:54 Sunil AriyaratneErnest Soysa
0022Me Wew Iwure
00:03:20 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0023Nil Manel Malase
00:02:37 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0024Oba Obama Nisaamayi
00:03:57 Hilary RajakarunanayakeErnest Soysa
0025Obe Sinaa Sandha
00:02:49 Sunil Sarath PereraErnest Soysa
0026Obe Suwandha
00:03:04 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
00:03:41 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0028Peradiga Nabo Thale
00:02:43 Hilary RajakarunanayakeDayaratne Ranathunga
0029Pruthugaale Bala Aeniyak
00:03:28 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0030Rathriyata Sandha Kumaru
00:03:53 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0031Rathu Mal Mal Mal
00:03:24 Hilary RajakarunanayakeErnest Soysa
0032Saamaya We Apa
00:04:15 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0033Saturday Night
00:03:45 Ananda SeneviratneErnest Soysa
0034Senasum Sewwa
00:03:51 Hemasiri HalpitaErnest Soysa
0035Sudhu Paata Meedum
00:02:38 Upali DhalawalavithanaDayaratne Ranathunga
0036Yudha Gigum Bime
00:03:44 Ajantha RanasingheErnest Soysa
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 01:03:38
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