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Ajantha Ranasinghe

Page 1 of 1 [47 Tracks - Total Duration 02:59:17]

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# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Aakase Chandrawo
00:05:35 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0002Arundathi Tharuwen
00:04:35 Ajantha RanasingheP L A Somapala
0003Bhawa Kathare
00:03:10 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0004Dhuu Hindiwi Poruwe
00:03:43 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0005Duhul Medume
00:04:33 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0006Ge Puraa Paa Naga
00:03:40 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0007Gee Sindu Gayaa Wayaa
00:03:17 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0008Hanga Gallene
00:03:40 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0009Hiru Nonagiwaa
00:03:51 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0010Idda Mal Kathawe
00:03:38 Ajantha RanasingheErnest Soysa
0011Ihalu Gamata
00:03:31 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0012Indiya Sagarehi
00:02:42 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0013Landa Langa
00:03:43 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0014Lassana Es
00:02:53 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0015Mage Mithuro
00:04:10 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0016Malwara Wasanthe
00:04:01 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0017Manamaalayi Manahaarayi
00:05:03 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
0018Mata Wasanawan
00:03:23 Ajantha RanasingheMohomad Saali
0019Munipaada Kamal
00:02:39 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0020Naamal Wetunu
00:03:47 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0021Nalawaa Detha Nagaa
00:04:00 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0022Nayane Nura Galanaa
00:04:09 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0023Nil Heena Dupathe
00:03:20 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0024Ninda Nena Rathriye
00:04:37 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0025Oba Soyaa Ennam
00:03:44 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
0026Oba Soyaa Ennam
00:03:44 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
0027Palu Susane
00:06:27 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0028Pata Pata Hendewaka
00:04:07 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0029Paya Paa Mule
00:02:30 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0030Pethi Parawa Giya
00:03:29 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
0031Podi None
00:03:10 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
0032Prema Pradipaye
00:03:59 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0033Ranchu Saranaa Kurullo
00:04:02 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0034Raththaran Pem Purane
00:04:00 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0035Ridii Sembu
00:02:23 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0036Run Run Run Rangannae
00:03:32 Ajantha RanasingheSarath Dasanayake
0037Ruwan Walaa Wimane
00:04:38 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0038Saagaraye Rala Relle
00:02:49 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0039Sadhu Nadhii
00:02:58 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
0040Sangeetha Madale
00:04:55 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0041Sawane Pawane
00:03:53 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0042Sudu Rosa Malak
00:04:10 Ajantha RanasinghePremasiri Khemadasa
0043Unne Neddo
00:05:23 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
0044Waththa Pahala
00:02:58 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0045Widhiye Kone
00:02:45 Ajantha RanasingheStanley Peiris
0046Wila Meda Olu Nelum
00:03:41 Ajantha Ranasinghe
0047Willuda Puchi Depa
00:04:20 Ajantha RanasingheSarath de Alwis
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 01:03:38
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