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Varadatta Aravinda
We are featuring 16 musical tracks by Varadatta Aravinda from his album "Mata Aaradhanawak Kalaado" at Sinhala Jukebox.

Varadatta Aravinda is working as an executive television program producer at MTV channel (pvt) Ltd. He has played with few music bands, as a drummer and can play percussion instruments very well. He also followed a Techniques of Television program & video technology course, (including- directing, camera, lighting, and editing). He also followed a vocational training in audio engineering course. Have has a diploma in writership and communication from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.

His father, Jayantha Aravinda was the former aesthetic director of department of education & higher education in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Among the many accomplishments, Jayantha Aravinda composed music for great Sri Lankan dramas like MANAME, PEMATHO JAYATHISOKO and RATHNAWALEE all of which were produced by Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra.

His grandfather is (late) Kalasoori Vincent Somapala who was a veteran musician. Mr. Vincent Somapala wrote many books about classical music and composed great songs like "MAVPIYO ADEE SONDURU THAMAGE" (sung by KOKILADEVI WEERATHUNGA).

Veteran musician, dancer, and actor Rohana Beddage is his uncle.

Currently he is working on a re-make his first song "MATA ARADANAWAK KALADO." His songs are available on the internet and you can watch his music videos from YOUTUBE, as well.

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Varadatta welcomes your feedback and please write to webmaster.


Mata Aaradhanawak Kalaado


Mata Aradhanawak Kalaado by Varadatta Aravinda
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Dandu Waetata Udin
00:04:00 Lakshman KumarasiriLakshman Hilmi
0002Dedunnen Salu
00:03:28 Nilar N KassimH M Jayawardena
0003Dethol Ladalle
00:03:10 Kelum SrimalRohana Weerasinghe
0004Duka Iwasanna Bae
00:03:35 Nihal GamhewaNihal Gamhewa
0005Hisa Pirimaeda
00:04:27 Priyananda WijesundaraNandasena Katuwaawala
0006Kivindiya Numbai
00:03:34 Ravi SiriwardenaRohana Weerasinghe
0007Mata Aaradanawak Kalado
00:03:47 Priyananda WijesundaraNandasena Katuwaawala
0008Me Rae Yaame
00:03:35 Vajirapaani AravindaVajirapani Aravinda
0009Oba Samanaliyak
00:03:29 Kelum SrimalSangeeth Wickramasinghe
0010Obey Kathaakarana Aes
00:04:19 Hemasiri HalpitaSarath De Alwis
0011Sanda Sisilasa
00:04:10 Vipul Dharmapriya JayasekeraLakshman Hilmi
0012Sihina Wiman
00:03:29 Veeravijaya GunasekeraNavaratne Gamage
0013Sumudu Sinaa
00:03:11 Jayantha JothiratneThissasiri Perera
0014Suwanda Kaekulu
00:03:48 Nihal GamhewaNihal Gamhewa
0015Themunu Sudu Gawume (Numbath Hariweda Karanne)
00:03:35 Padmakumara MeththasenaMahinda Bandara
0016Wasanthaya Mae Tharam
00:03:48 Piyal JayasingheAjith Rathnaweera

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